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Increased Security and Compliance in Low Bandwidth Environments

The Challenge

A DoD customer with a global mission was responsible for 60,000+ assets, many of which reside on ships and aircraft that rely on satellite communications for connectivity. These low bandwidth environments make it difficult to manage, maintain, and secure the endpoints. This led to mission-oriented systems going unpatched, remaining non-compliant, and operating without reporting security data for months at a time. 

How We Helped

Created a custom application to check for satellite latency and retrieve logs or push security policy updates during periods of lower latency, while caching logs and policy updates during periods of higher latency.

Leveraged Microsoft BranchCache distribution points with Adaptiva OneSite’s bandwidth harvesting technology and peer-to-peer distribution to dramatically reduce bandwidth usage requirements.

Developed capability to view, pause, resume, reprioritize and cancel content delivery real-time, ensuring critical systems were not impacted during a mission.

Increased the success rate for deploying updates and reduced manual patching requirements, improving overall cyber compliance metrics across all assets.

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