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Designed the first Department of Defense Zero Trust Architecture Pilot

The Challenge

Traditional perimeter-focused security architectures present significant risk of exploitation as the IT landscape becomes more distributed and complex. While supporting the C3 mission of securing and enabling the immediate office of the Secretary of Defense, we needed to redefine the way critical data was protected, modernize the security architecture, and optimize data security.

How We Helped

Designed the first Zero-Trust pilot for DoD in collaboration with the NSA, DreamPort, DISA.

Leveraged Palo Alto NGFW, Forescout, Gigamon, Splunk, and Security Onion to develop an ecosystem of data analytics across sensors, appliances, and devices and which served as the core components of the Zero Trust Architecture.

Designed solution to continuously monitor, authenticate, and authorize users and devices; eliminating the idea of trusted and untrusted networks and enabling multi-attribute-based access controls.

Maximized interoperability and served as the foundation for future security modernization initiatives including identity, credential, and access management (e.g., ICAM).

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